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[pct-l] Keep up with your protein!!

At 11:42 AM 4/2/2002 -0500, Bighummel@aol.com wrote:
>For me the best, light weight, low fat, great tasting, source of protein is
>good ole' beef jerky.

I'm going to give myself a reputation, but ...

Sodium nitrate and to a lesser degree sodium nitrite are used as 
preservatives in jerky as they are strong oxidizers. Both preservatives 
react with hydrochloric acid and other gastric juices in the stomach to 
produce nitrosamines, able to cause cancer in animals. It is not yet known 
what a safe level of nitrosamines is.

Other, safer means of binding oxygen in/around jerky exist, but none as 
cheaply and able to simultaneously enhance both flavor and color. Sodium 
nitrate in cured foods is likely no more dangerous than saccharine, 
acesulfame or sucralose (for what that's worth). Nitrate-free forms of 
jerky exist, but they are difficult to find.

I'm sensitive about cancer risks as I've lost 2 immediate family members, a 
best friend to cancer and have a 3rd immediate family member currently 
undergoing treatment.