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[pct-l] Doctor's protein bars and Cabazon resupply facts!!!

Now you know why monte is the bear at adzpctko

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Here's the skinny on the Doctor's LowCarb Diet bars. I get them for a buck a

each from a friend. Package claims no artical sweeteners or hydrogenated 
oils. Each bar is 206 calories, 20.5g protein from Isolated soy and 
whey,2.2grams of carbs, and 4 grams of fat.  Should be a good add for
if you eat one a day. ( Carb out on other things)  20.5 grams is about equal

to a 3 oz. can of tunafish.@@@@@@@@@@@ Next , Cabazon is not a dump!!! Many 
hikers enjoy resupplying at a store where the gal running the cash register 
has more body piecings and tatoos than  the Hell's Angels whole gang!! Half 
the fun of resupplying there is having a whino sit next to you  and offer
his brown bag and chat about your next 100 miles. In 1977 , a hiker ahead of

me found a suicide victim in the small gas station in the men's rest room
a hiker behind me found a dead hiker on Fuller Ridge who had been missing a 
year!!! ( Cabazon just keeps getting better!!!) Actually , fuller ridge was 
infamous in the old days because the trail down the ridge was lost in a burn

and most hiker just dropped the 8,000ft  on a bee-line down the large finger

ridge that dropped down to the Twin Something??? boys ranch, and then follow

the road to town.  Cabazon is the polar opposite of Palm Springs, but hey, 
the town has flavor!!!  Anybody with a visa card and a Patagonia Jacket can 
enjoy Idyllwild ,but Cabazon is where true adventure is!

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