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[pct-l] Sierra Nature Notes

Some items of interest to hikers here, especially the promised one on
giardia; on the other hand, most through-hikers will probably choose to get
along without the Yosemite Flora:

>>  Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 10:47:36 -0800
>>  To: sierranaturenotes@lists.sonic.net
>>  From: George Durkee
>>  Hi:
>>  Two new articles have just been posted at Sierra Nature Notes, the online
>>  journal of natural history news in the Sierra 
>>  California's history and wealth is inextricably tied to getting Sierra water
>>  to its large cities and crops.Tapping the Sierra Nevada Reservoir by David
>>  Carle, author of Drowning the Dream, California's Water Choices at the
>>  Millennium, writes a short history of this gargantuan effort. What 
>>happens to
>>  a snowflake after it falls in Yosemite? How does it get to your 
>>water tap and
>>  where doesn't it go as a result of that diversion?
>>  In Monitoring snow from the beach in San Diego: Automatic snow 
>>sensors in the
>>  Sierra, Scripps Institution of Oceanography hydroclimatology researcher
>>  Jessica Lundquist describes how that same snowflake is measured, remotely,
>>  from her lab in San Diego. Jessica describes how the hundreds of remote snow
>>  and rain gauges in the Sierra are built and work to send data on snow depth
>>  and water runoff to the California Department of Water Resources--or anyone
>>  else who wants to see what the snow depth and temperature are at Tuolumne
>>  Meadows and elsewhere in the Sierra.. She also tells about her cutting edge
>>  project helping to develop a sensor that uses cosmic rays to do 
>>the same thing
>>  but with less intrusive instrumentation.
>>  Coming soon: Giardia, scourge of Sierran water or overhyped health problem?
>>  Naturalist's Book of the Month:
>>  An Illustrated Flora of Yosemite National Park by Stephen Botti 
>>(botanist) and
>>  Walter Sydoriak (artist). This is the first comprehensive Yosemite 
>>flora to be
>>  written in decades. Not only does it have detailed descriptions of 
>>every plant
>>  known to occur in Yosemite--their habitat, when they flower and where each
>>  plant can be found--but over 1,000 watercolors and line drawings make this
>>  flora a breathtaking work of art as well. A tad expensive, it's worth every
>>  penny and is highly recommended for anyone with a serious interest in the
>>  plants of the central Sierra. The Flora is published by the Yosemite
>>  Association and available at their online store. Drop by to check out their
>>  other great guides and natural history books (www.yosemite.org).
>>  So, click on over to Sierra Nature Notes and browse our articles 
>>and news. If
>>  you have any cool wildlife sightings from you own strolls in the Sierra,
>>  please send them to me.
>>  Thank you for your continued interest in Sierra Nature Notes.
>>  George Durkee
>>  Editor
>>  editor@sierranaturenotes.com
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