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[pct-l] Re: ice axe - risk - New Army Pass

Greg wrote:
>Hmm, Don do you think your knowledge of what the conditions will be is

Actually, I do. This is not my first trip over Forester and I have hiked and
skied in the Sierra and in the Rockies in every month of the year. I know
what the worst could be and I think I have the patience and judgment to wait
for conditions to improve if I think the risk is too great. I have a great
deal of awe and respect for the mountains, and I have been humbled many

Carl wrote:

>>From the Web site: "...the Whippet is, without a doubt, the best
>tool on God's green earth."

>Seems like a gross exaggeration to me, unless they aren't including snow
>ice in "God's _green_ earth."

Advertising hyperbole!  The fine print in the BD literature says the Whippet
is not a substitute for an ice axe - but it's still a pretty good tool.

Tom wrote:

>You are all nuts you know. Totally [expletive deleted] flaming nuts. Anyone
>with the brains of a llama won't do such a thing.

Absolutely :-). I can't argue with the obvious, but I do score pretty close
to the llama on most standardized tests.

Don Davidson