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[pct-l] Kennedy Meadow Resort Resupply

yo!  Kennedy Meadows ROCKS!  they raise their won cattle and if you 
eat meat, order the steak or the burgers.  the fresh fish from the 
Stanilaus River aren't too back either.  

here is the info that you need:

    Kennedy Meadows Resort 
    c/o: Store 
    P.O. Box 4010, off Highway 108 
    Sonora, CA  95370 
    (Kennedy Meadows Resort charges $10.00/pkg.  Send via UPS only.  
Phone ahead: 209.965.3900) 

You may wanna make sure that they are still only charging $10.

As far as the other stuff...
Facilities: all of them: store, saloon, restaurant,  nice cabins with 
beds and sheets and showers and hot water, etc.  I forget how much it 
was last year.  they went up a bunch.  It used to be like $30/night.  
I think its now like $75/night.

It won't be an easy Hitch inside KM resort, but 108 isn't too bad.  
We found two rides along 108.  My wife also took a taxi from Sonora, 
California (80 miles away) to meet us.  ...it wasn't cheap, though.

Hope that helps.

> I stayed at KM *north* and had a great time.  I did have a ride 
waiting from 
> the trailhead, but it's a busy one and if you don't get a ride 
right away you 
> could always ask.
> We stayed at the FS car campground, right near the resort which 
cost about 
> $12 for the site and had 5 staying there.  I'm sorry I don't know 
the number 
> or address of the KM resort or if they charge for a maildrop, but I 
do know 
> they do had showers, a bar, a restaurant and a store, in that 
order.  Not too 
> expensive either!
>  Hope that helps, Sly
> > I'm wondering if anyone has info on the Kennedy Meadow Resort 
(near Sonora
> > Pass).  I'm looking for:
> > 1) Mailing Address
> > 2) Cost for package holding
> > 3) Any special instructions
> > 4) Facilities there (Store? Laundry? Showers? Cost of camping (if 
> > 5) Easy hitch?
> > 
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