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[pct-l] Farewell until ADZ

Tommorow is my last day of employment.  Friday, I begin hiking in northern 
Alabama and will end on April 15 on the Appalachian Trail in southern VA.  
Call it a warmup, call it an itch, call it an excuse to get out into the 
woods and walk 700 miles, call it what you will, but it'll occupy me until 

Which brings me to my next point: I look forward to meeting all of you 
that will be at the kick off.  If you would like to read pre-journals and 
journals of my PCT hike, there is a link to my yahoo journal that will be 
updated via pocketmail as regularly as I feel the need at my website:


If you don't want to read my journals...well...then...umm...ok...I can 
live with that.

Catch ya later alligator--

Hungry Howie & The New Sushi :: AT2000, LT2001, PCT2002