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[pct-l] Re: ice axe - risk - New Army Pass

> >............On the descent, one of the guys in our group slipped on a
> >steep slope, lost his axe partway down, and slid to his death right
> >our eyes........
> And the lesson here is what? Hiking in the mountains is dangerous; even
> "properly" equipped and trained are not invincible. Check with your local

Yep. Seeing it in person had a much more powerful effect than reading about
it in a book or in an on-line discussion list. It didn't stop me from going
to the mountains; it just made me more aware and careful.

> my limitations. Others will make different choices based on their
> and I would not argue that they made the wrong choice. Just because we
> different choices doesn't mean that one of us is rash, reckless,
> or hare-brained; and, conversely, that the other is fearful, timid, or
> overly cautious. Each of us comes to the PCT from a different background
> with different skills and what is the right choice for one is not
> necessarily the right choice for all.

Right on.