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[pct-l] Light packs for the PCT and hauling Greg's body

 First, for Matt, I advice a pack that will hold at least 3,500 cu. in. 
Moutainsmith 4,200 and ArcTerx 60's are top packs on the PCT and last few 
years. Both are in the 4 lb. range and do well. New golights also work if you 
pack ultra light  and watch your weight closely. Second , as far as Packing 
Greg out of the Sierras after his  final trip, Hacker and and myself would 
love to do this chore. ( Then we would have him " Stuffed" and put in the new 
1977 hiker club museum with his pack, wooden ice axe , tattered Sierra 
Designs tent and lame Camp Gaz Blue stove!!!)  Museum  will be next to border 
patrol station in Campo with donations going to the 1977 " Old Hikers Home" .

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