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[pct-l] Re: PCT Risks

In a message dated 2/26/02 6:50:17 PM, reynolds@iLAN.com writes:

<< True, but I

don't need to be cured. >>

Tom, I in no way question your valid reasons for not wanting to risk your 
life. If you create obligations then the honorable thing to do is keep and 
enjoy them. But, even so, a Jimi Hendrix quote comes to mind: "I hear some of 
you got your families livin' in cages down by the cove. And some just stay 
there and dust away, past the age of old." Of course, the rebuttal is Jimi 
Hendrix died in his twenties from a drug overdose! The best advice i ever got 
was from an old man who said Don't delay your dreams until tomorrow. Do them 
while you're young . Tomorrow may not let you and you'll have regrets for not