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[pct-l] light weight tents

Question: Why is freestanding a requirement? I use a Stephenson and have
never had trouble. The Stephenson 2RS is the best tent for two -- 3# 2oz.
Will hold 2 + gear. Seriously storm worthy + good ventilation. You migh also
check out some new Wanderlust designes, again not freestanding. You might
ask Carol [Brawney] to sew a floor in her tarp [still not freestanding].
Lightest freestanding that I know of is the Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight
[3# 6 oz] . Very tight for 2.


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Been reading a lot on digest about light weight tents, equipment. Im
in finding a lighter tent. I do not want to use a tarp or a tent that is not
freestanding. Looking to find a tent for 2, gear is OK to stay outside, also
may be interested in similar tent for 1. Will probably use it in WA state,
New England, summer time trips. Can anyone tell me what is the lightest tent
they've used that meets these qualifications. What are you all's

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