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[pct-l] Filter or Iodine?

Matt said:

>>Are there water conditions out there on the trail 
>>that will necessitate a filter?  In all my days 
>>backpacking, I've never had problems just using

I used iodine on a 30-day JMT trip several years ago,
but would not do so again for that long a period.
After about 2 weeks I started belching iodine fumes,
a nauseating experience, I can tell you.  I also
wonder about ingesting what must be a large amount
of iodine over an extended period.  

One trick to help neutralize the taste is to carry
a small packet of powdered citric acid (vitamin "c").
After the water has been treated and sat for the
required time, just a tiny pinch of the citric acid
will precipitate out all the color and most of the

Now-a-days I carry a filter, with iodine back-up.
When faced with really scroungy water I use both.

Kurt P. Herzog  
Grants Pass, OR 97526