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[pct-l] Fwd: Energy Bars

>> replacing the nutrients, and vitimans while 
>> on the trail?

>"Nutraggeous" or "Snickers" compares well with or beats just about anything 
> out there when price is weighed in with...

I thought I was alone in my closet, so to speak,
with my carton of caffeinated Cliff Bars
from Trader Joes, but then at the PCTA annual meeting one of the speakers
(GVP I think) admitted to a similar problem/predilection.

If that's not enough vitamins you can chew or suck Flintstones tablets
as you march along.    Flyin Brian was reported to do so (with Snickers
and ramen making a balanced diet) and I imagine there are others.

On the other hand there are a surprising number of people who make their
own food a year in advance (and make their own gear - not usually from fiber
they grow themselves though) - they had a lot to say at ALHDA-West.    
I wonder how many of them feel a need for
vitamin supplements.     If you use iodine to clean your water and vitamin
C to clean your iodine, that's two nutrients down already.