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[pct-l] Mexican Border Musings

>From Don Lamp on the 16th of February, 2002...

25 years ago when I was 17 (June 1976) I hiked alone on the PCT from the Columbia River Gorge to Crater Lake-330 miles...My Dad said "You were a boy when you left, but came back a Man"...It was my coming of Age in  the Wilderness...I lost the trail once in a rainstorm as night was falling...When I woke the next morning, I had no idea where I was.  I got out my topo map and compass, and was able to find my way back to the trail...At Sister's (halfway) I was so lonely, I almost quit...but I didn't...I went all the way as planned, it was the finest personal quest of life so far - I'm here today with my wife, Mimi, (married August 8, 2001) - She wants to hike the whole trail with me...WOW - a dream come true.  What a beautiful day here at the Southern Terminus...long live the PCT!!
Now isn't that a tasty sip?

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