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Dr John Lowder, Was [pct-l] Re: ice axe

At 10:30 AM 2/24/02, you wrote:
>  There was no mention of his hands being shredded (which is
>typical of one slipping on snow/ice with no axe).  <snip>
>It is my opinion that John probably fell just because he took a
>misstep and that it had nothing to do with snow or ice axes.  I
>actually remember the article talking of the possibility that he
>tripped over a rock or root.

The PCTA news article said: "His body was found at the bottom of an ice 
covered 80 ft. chute. The apparent cause of death was severe trauma to the 
head. No ice ax was found." http://www.pcta.org/news/art/lowder_death.shtml

Sounds like a "snow and ice axe" sort of thing to me.

When someone has  broken legs, a broken arm and severe head injuries, 
things like lacerated hands get left out of the news reports.

I once helped carry a climber down to the parking lot. They guy had 
compound fractures in both legs, and was bleeding profusely from lots of 
places. Limiting blood loss during the 45 minute hike out was the major 
focus of the SAR guys we were helping.

The newspaper report said he died of "head trauma, and other minor 
injuries."  I guess "minor" is in the eye of the reporter.

The exact details of Dr Lowder's death are not the point.

The point is "carry an ice axe" and "hiking poles are not a substitute."