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[pct-l] 2002 Thruhike questions

Rob Knoth wrote:
4. Climbs -
	Any favorite peaks that you can 4th class up from the trail through
the Sierras?  

Another quick and easy fourteener is Mt. Muir.  It will add a couple
hours to your day on the Mt. Whitney trail.  It is an easy scramble up
from the Whitney summit trail across a boulderfield and an easy class
three climb the last 40 feet or so to the summit.  The climbing is not
exposed.  We did it with bare hands and no gear and never felt
endangered.  We found a summit register on top.   The route description
is covered briefly in Secor's book, and at greater length in
"California's Fourteeners".  I recommend that book highly if you want to
bag all the 14ers by the PCT.  Many of them are in easy reach.  
Marion Davison