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Dr John Lowder, Was [pct-l] Re: ice axe

In a message dated 2/22/02 11:25:01 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
reynolds@ilan.com writes:

> I would be
> suprised that his companions allowed him to try New Army Pass in storm
> conditions without an axe. No storm or whiteout condition was mentioned in
> the accounts that I read.
I'm not so sure that his plan was to head to New Army Pass. I think his plan 
was to return to Cottonwood Pass and leave the trail. He may have followed 
the trail to New Army Pass by mistake.

After John turned back, another hiker decided to follow him, but never caught 
up and somehow made it to Cottonwood Pass. I met her as I was at Cottonwood 
waiting for 2 hikers from Germany (heading north, but getting off at 
Cottonwood Pass). 

By the time I picked up the hikers and made it down to Lone Pine the Search 
and Rescue was already under way. Charlotte had reported John's turning back 
and was concerned. She was part of the group that continued across Forester 
and left the trail at Independence. There was also a helicopter rescue that 
day of one of the group from Forester. 


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