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[pct-l] Stove history 101 class at kick-off

geez..I carried that Phoebus 625 for over 800 miles!! It was one of my first
stoves in 75 I think!!

It still works just fine!!!


At 12:16 AM 2/23/02 EST, Montedodge@aol.com wrote:
>Just got another great old " Classic" stove yesterday.  A hardly used Phoebus 
>625!! This is the heavier version than the small 725 phoebus. I believe the 
>last time I saw these for sale was in 1978 at REI. Stove is even hotter than 
>the Optimus 111B in home brew test. I am thinking of bringing  several old 
>time burners to the kick-off. All hikers over 40 have had or " Heard" a Svea 
>123, also will bring a Primus 71, Optimus 111B ( Great stove of the 60's) 
>Phoebus 625 which is strong enough to pound tent pegs with. Optimus 8R ( my 
>1977 stove) Optimus 00 Kero burner ( Jim Whitaker's Mt. Everest stove 1963) 
>Several old alcohol burners. Something about brass and flame that brings back 
>memories of melting stove for water and hot cocoa.  The sound of an old Svea 
>is music to the ears!!!  The stove means heat , food and comfort to anyone 
>who has ever climbed or hiked all day in snow and is a comfort blanket for 
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