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[pct-l] Stove history 101 class at kick-off

Just got another great old " Classic" stove yesterday.  A hardly used Phoebus 
625!! This is the heavier version than the small 725 phoebus. I believe the 
last time I saw these for sale was in 1978 at REI. Stove is even hotter than 
the Optimus 111B in home brew test. I am thinking of bringing  several old 
time burners to the kick-off. All hikers over 40 have had or " Heard" a Svea 
123, also will bring a Primus 71, Optimus 111B ( Great stove of the 60's) 
Phoebus 625 which is strong enough to pound tent pegs with. Optimus 8R ( my 
1977 stove) Optimus 00 Kero burner ( Jim Whitaker's Mt. Everest stove 1963) 
Several old alcohol burners. Something about brass and flame that brings back 
memories of melting stove for water and hot cocoa.  The sound of an old Svea 
is music to the ears!!!  The stove means heat , food and comfort to anyone 
who has ever climbed or hiked all day in snow and is a comfort blanket for 

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