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Dr John Lowder, Was [pct-l] Re: ice axe

Not that I'm disagreeing with you Brick, but I think I mentioned this before, 
the story I got from someone that was in John's party immediately before the 
incident was that John bailed out during a storm because he was running low 
on food and thought it was his best option.  He was most likely in whiteout 
conditions when he fell and may not have had time to react.  The others 


brick@fastpack.com writes:

> Dr John Lowder, a 1999 thru hiker was using ski poles, but had no ice axe
> He was killed in a slip and fall on snow at New Army Pass (just south of Mt 
> Whitney) while exiting the Sierra for Lone Pine.
> Would an Ice Axe have saved his life? I think it is likely....

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