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[pct-l] Can you tell me how to get . . .How to get to Big Bear?

You could take Metrolink (http://www.metrolinktrains.com/) from your area to
the base of the hill in San Bernardino. From there, MARTA (Mountain Area
Regional Transportation Authority) can take you up to Lake Arrowhead and Big
Bear. There's an unofficial and incomplete MARTA site at
http://socaltip.tipnetworks.org/cgi-bin/index.cgi?MARTA . You're probably
better off calling them at 909-584-1111

Another alternative: some bus companies offer transportation from various
SoCal locations during ski season. Don't know about other times of year. One
that came up in a Web search: Sundance Stage Lines, 619 525-1570

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> Steady Eddie Section Hiker here! I'll be traversing
> the Big Bear to Tehachapi section this Spring. I've
> got no problems in getting a ride back from Tehachapi
> (my wife will generously be picking me up!). However,
> I've got no way into Big Bear! I live in the Los
> Angeles-Ventura area. Is anyone familiar with some
> sort of bus service that runs into Big Bear from my
> area? Thanks for helping out a section hiker, who's
> down on his luck, out!
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