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[pct-l] 2002 Thruhike questions

>From: robert.j.knoth@exgate.tek.com


>4. Climbs -
>	Any favorite peaks that you can 4th class up
> from the trail through the Sierras?  

That depends parly on how much time you're willing to
spend on side-trips.  Besides the good advice you'll
get from this list's subscribers, I'd recommend you do
the following.  Get hold of a set of maps that cover
more area than the strip maps in the guidebooks (e.g.,
park maps), so you can see what peaks are reasonably
close and accessible.  Look them up in a book like
Secor's THE HIGH SIERRA, to get a sense of route
difficulties and time requirements.

I assume you're already planning to climb Whitney,
which will be a breeze since you'll be so well
acclimated to the altitude.  Several other of
California's 14ers are also not far from the trail. 
Two easy, non-technical ones that I've climbed, which
shouldn't take more than a day apiece, are Mt. Langley
and Split Mountain.  My memory might be confused on
how to reach Langley from the PCT, but I believe you
turn off at the Rock Creek crossing and head east for
New Army Pass.  At the top of the pass, turn north and
continue for a few miles along a high exposed ridge. 
Our map showed the route heading up Langley's snub
nose to the east, which required us to use our hands
near the top to get over the rocks.  Other climbers
that day were just going up Langley's broad and less
steep flank.

Split Mountain is even easier to climb.  As you
approach Mather Pass in Upper Basin, head overland
east toward a large crater-shaped lake.  Circle the
lake and hike up to the low saddle on the ridge.  Then
turn south, and sprint straight up (at least until you
have to slow down for the loose rock).

I haven't climbed Mt. Lyell, but I imagine it should
be easy to reach from Donohue Pass.  While walking the
JMT south in early season I met two climbers returning
to Tuolomne Meadows who had reached the top with no
other equipment than their hands and feet and

Hope this is helpful to you!

>Thanks in advance -
>Rob Knoth

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