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[pct-l] Water Reports


I can't speak for the southern most deserts, but once the hikers start =
coming through Agua Dulce, we ask them to list all water sources found, =
the liklihood of the source continuing, etc.  We get this list updated =
as frequently as possible, and get the list posted at the Big Bear Fire =
Station (so look for it there), and copies are also available by =
contacting us.  Needless to say, sources can dry up quickly when the =
weather gets hot, so the disclaimer goes out before the report does.

And, mid-May is not too late a start date.  We've had thru-hikers who =
started in Campo mid-JUNE and still made it through north (although =
these are not mere mortals, I'm certain).  You'll find some company =
departing in May.  And, congratulations on your upcoming graduation!  =
The PCT sure beats Disneyland!

-=3DThe Saufley's=3D-

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