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[pct-l] ULA T-3 tent

Has anyone used the ULA T-3?  I like the weight and roominess, but it
indicates on their web site
that it needs 10 stakeouts!!  I'll be using a tarp until Kennedy Meadows,
where I'll switch over to a tent for the buggy areas up ahead.  With the
T-3, I can save >1 1/2 lbs from my current tent, a Mountain Hardwear
Trilight 1, but I'd lose the ability to pitch my tent anywhere, since the
Trilight 1 is free standing.  The weight reduction is intriging, though.

Olympia, WA

64 days 'til my last day of work
72 days 'til Campo

"Wilderness areas are essential to our long-term welfare and well being
as a nation.  Will the next generation ever have the chance to experience
the same feeling of serenity and composure that comes when man faces the
wilderness alone?" - William O. Douglas My Wilderness, 1960