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[pct-l] Aerobic O7


Good news and bad news:

If the weather in Southern California continues to be as dry as it has been 
so far this year (big IF, as the rainiest month; March, is yet to come) you 
can expect to have a bit of trouble with water sources drying up early, 
possibly before you come through. That's the bad news.

However, several of the worst areas in this regard are supplied with 
emergency water by little elves that we call Trail Angels.  These strange 
creatures sneek around in the dark and stash gallons of water where nature 
never intended it to be in the last several thousand years.  Just as 
strangely, the empty water containers disappear without the slightest sign of 
any creature having crossed the path!  That's the good news.

More good news is, if this big IF goes as above, you wont have much trouble 
with snow in the San Jacinto, San Bernardino, San Gabriel and Tehachapi 

Also, leaving in mid May should time your arrival in the Sierras well IF this 
continues to be a slightly above normal snow year.  Currently the snow 
content is around 120% of norm in the high Sierra.  However, until March 1st, 
it is still too early to make my yearly Sierra passability snow prediction, 
stay tuned.  That's good news.

However, getting to the Sierra just a bit late puts you in horrendous 
mosquitos and high creek-river crossings and even the possibility of waking 
bears.  That's bad news.

Best of luck with your hike, enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Crest and dont 
worry, you'll be happy,

Greg "Strider" Hummel