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[pct-l] 2002 Thruhike questions

Hi -

I will be thruhiking this summer with a good friend of mine.  We've done
some climbing throughout the Sierras and are looking for another good

A few questions:

1. In the guidebook for SoCal, it mentions that a an entire section of trail
around Mojave Reservoir was 
	rerouted due to a wild fire.  Is this still the case?

2. Water -
	We won't be able to start until mid May.  What is the water
situation expected to be at that time 
	of year?  How late do people cache water?  I know a lot of this is
very seasonal and on a case by 
	case basis.  Will the water cache locations from the ADZPCTKOP still
be stocked then?

3. Cameras -
	We were considering going with a digital camera, but not sure about
how well this will work.
	Any experiences? Opinions on models? Was it easy to find libraries
or places to upload pictures?  
	Did you need to mail memory cards instead of uploading pictures?
What about batteries?  
	Looking at all of the problems, it seems like 35mm might be

4. Climbs -
	Any favorite peaks that you can 4th class up from the trail through
the Sierras?  

Thanks in advance -

Rob Knoth