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[pct-l] Pix of 2001 hikers

Last year, I posted a trip report titled "Wave of PCT hikers hits =
Evolution area" =
(http://www.backcountry.net/arch/pct/0106/msg00157.html), which included =
a promise to post pictures of the 2001 hikers we met. I've been meaning =
to do it for eight months, but with a nudge from Brawny--and the =
realization that ADZPCTKO and the 2002 PCT hiking season are soon upon =
us--I finally put 'em on the Web.

Go to the ADZPCTKO Web site (http://pct77.org/adz), scroll to the bottom =
of the home page (being sure to read every word along the way), and =
click the link to pictures of the Class of 2001.=20

Attention Class of 2002 hikers: This is what you'll look like a third of =
the way into your thru-hike.

:: Carl Siechert
:: We're looking for 1977 PCT Hikers
:: http://pct77.org/reunion=20

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