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I just put on over 100 miles winter backpacking I found snow at most 
elevation over 4500 ft. I did one section with Black Diamond Crampons along 
with my Leiki Poles. I had no trouble. On my second section I had to go up to 
9300 feet with over three feet of snow.  I made a critical mistake in order 
to travel lighter I substitute my Black Diamond for Yaktrax which I found out 
to be a poor substitute and a snow shovel.
The Yaktrax were a big mistake. The biggest problem is they won't stay on. I 
would have to adjust them about every couple hundred feet. I finally lost 
them in about three feet of snow at around 7500 feet. After the snow melts. 
If any of you thru hikers come across my Yaktrax at about 7500 ft on Mt. 
Baden Powell give me a call. Campmor will not give me my money back unless I 
return them. The snow shovel came in handy for digging out to set up my tent 
and shovel through six foot drifts. I celibrated my 73rd birthday sliding 
down 3000 feet on my shovel, took me eight hours going up and one and a half 
to go down. I had about a thirty pound backpack on.
I had an AOL Communicator when I was caught in that 100 mile an hour wind 
that knocked over trailer trucks.  I sent out several emails they got jumbled 
up and ended up in a lost email center. About a week later they were sent 
back to me mixed up with other email. That was a new one never heard of it 

Every step is an adventure. Just don't loose it