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[pct-l] Re: below Muir Pass

Brawny writes:

> (who on earth came up with all Those Initials...lol) 

You have to blame Tom Reynolds for the rediculous initials and expansive 
name.  We tried to come up with something a little bit shorter, however, the 
long initials stuck and have been laughed at and tongue tied ever since.  

To add to the confusion and fun we added the AGPLDHG&IR!  That is: the Annual 
Great Pacific Long Distance Hiking Gear and Invention Revue, or just the 
"gear contest".   

What's next?  

Well, of course:   FEMMBCCC 

First Ever Mad Monte Bear Canister Compromising Contest!  To be held this 
year only, at the ADZPCTKO just before the AGPLDHG&IR.  

With all of the stoves and ultra light weight packs and tent-tarps coming to 
be shown off you really wont want to miss this one.

Greg "Strider" Hummel
(Looking for contributions to help the early cash flow)

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