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[pct-l] Re: ice axe

Brian Robinson wrote:
> [An ice axe] doesn't do you much good if you don't
> know how to use it.

Durn.  I was hoping I could get by without asking this
question.  I don't mean to stir up a hornets' nest,
but I would appreciate any tips, advice, or pointers
to past discussions that might be helpful.

I wish I could say, "If I need it and I don't have it,
then I don't need it."  I also wish I could ask do I
need an ice axe and have people say no, but the
correct answer is probably "It depends."

I've never used an ice axe before, and I just have a
copy of _Beyond Backpacking_ to explain the
self-arrest technique.  I will be using Leki poles,
but I don't know how good a substitute for an ice axe
they'd be in an emergency.  I'm not a fast hiker, so
I'll be passing through behind people who have ice

So, :-), do I need an ice axe?

Two other things:
Where can I get a red lens/filter for my Petzl Micro? 
I'm surprised they're not more popular.

And I ran across an article on debit cards at

Thanks everybody.

Craig Groeschel  >ladder91 at yahoo dot com<  AT '00 pct '02
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