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[pct-l] Re: Light Days.... was Women's issues

[Excuse the multiple cross post. GearTalk, delete as neccesary]

I wonder how many people that filter their mail won't get this?  Of course, 
there may be some that filter anything *I* write!

Light Days has nothing to with a women's menstrual cycle (current thread on 
the at-l), but has everything to do with my NEW PACK, which I just received 
in the mail.  Not that I wasn't happy with my Dana Design Terraplane, it 
served me well on two long trails plus.  The only problem it weighed 8 pounds 
and it was time to lighten up!

The search went on for a suitable replacement, something that had the 
features I was looking for and weighed less than three pounds.  I believe I 
originally found the URL on the BackPackingLight list (where else) and went 
from there.  What I've received is an extremely well constructed, custom made 
pack with full suspension (removable hip belt and internal frame, load 
lifters, etc.) mesh side and front pockets with shock cord closures, ice ax 
holder (yes, there are trails where you need one of these), internal zippered 
stash pocket (for keeping valuables and stash), side compression straps, pole 
pocket (for transporting Lekis and tent poles, neatly hidden under one of the 
side mesh pocket), and all at 2.5 pounds!

A quick estimate of my basic packweight (pack, sleeping bag, pad, tarp, 
ground cloth, stove, pot, spoon and frogg toggs) has me at 7.75 pounds.  Less 
than my Terraplane empty!  Kind of like the GoLite ad, but mine is, Made in 
the USA, by a small outfit without a big advertising budget.

Some of you may ask, "Why a 2.5 pound pack, when you can get one at a pound 
or less?"  Cuz.  My next trail (CDT) will entail several 8 day resupplies and 
carrying a gallon of water at times.  Along with my other gear, that would 
put my total packweight well above 30 pounds, perhaps, over 40 on occasion, 
and I felt I needed the full suspension in order to carry it all comfortably. 

Anyway, it's a handsome pack (not that that matters, but it's nice), appears 
totally functional and I'm more than happy I made the purchase, especially 
since I ordered it unseen, going by gut feeling after viewing the pack on the 
website and talking to Brian Frankle, a 99 PCT thru-hiker, over the phone.

For anyone interested, I'll post a review (on BGT), once I get to actually 
get to test it out on a trail, but in the meatime, for more info:

<A HREF="http://www.ula-equipment.com/pages/products/packs/P-2.htm";>UltraLight Adventures</A>

Now, all I have to do is the miles!


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