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[pct-l] hello

Hi Craig,

I just bought my air tickets out to CA. As you know, one way fares are
generally ridiculously expensive. Fortunately for you, Southwest is
offering a system wide sale right now including one way fares from about
a hundred to one hundred twenty bucks (depending on your day of
departure- Tues, Wed and Sat are cheapest) to San Diego. They fly out of
Nashville and Birmingham, but you may find something closer.

I booked a few days before this offer materialized, so I'm flying out of
Atlanta on Continental May 3rd. I was extremely lucky to be able to book
a return flight for Sept 9th. Most carriers limit you to a 30 day return
flilght. If you have a little time to play with before booking, I'd
suggest you keep your eye on www.clarkhoward.com He frequently posts
good air deals from the Atlanta area. That's how I found mine for only
$201.50 taxes included.

Hope this helps.



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