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[pct-l] Oregon & Washington USNF PCT Maps

<< If these are the same maps we used in the mid 90's they aren't very 
accurate.  Mileage doesn't add up and som of the trail is old routes now 
abandoned.  Tearing out the sections from the PCT guide book is fairly 
light, you can use the finished pages for other purposes.>>

i would have to agree. While the NFS maps have plenty of corridor width and 
nice color, the PCT, as drawn on the guidebook maps, is far more accurate. 
This, in combination with the text descriptions, can be important for 
mileage, trail junctions, and snow navigation. At the beginning of each 
guidebook section there is also an overview map of the local region outside 
the depicted corridor. I found that plus a state highway map to be adequate.


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