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[pct-l] hello

Just wanted to say hello to everybody.  I plan to do a
warm-up hike on the AT in April (probably Springer to
Franklin and back) and then head west for the kickoff.

I have not bought plane tickets yet.  I was thinking
of arriving on Saturday, but do I have a better chance
of getting a ride if I arrive Friday?

I hiked the AT in 2000, and it looks like the weight
I'm saving this time by using a tarptent and tomato
can stove is going to be taken up by an ice ax and a
bear canister!  Oh well.

Thanks TCSM for the thoughts on pot stands!  I got
some wire cloth at a hardware store.  No tin snips
required to make a stand out of it.

Looking forward to seeing everybody at the ADZ!

Craig Groeschel  >ladder91 at yahoo dot com<  AT '00 pct '02
Tread lightly.  Leave no trace.  Never forget.

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