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[pct-l] Oregon & Washington USNF PCT Maps

I haven't seen this come across the post, so I thought I'd add it.  I came across a set of USFS Maps (5) that cover the PCT in Oregon (3 maps) and Washington (2 maps).  They cover the PCT completely over these two states, are in color, have topo lines (80 ft contour), and lat/lon tic marks.  They cost $4.00 US per map and can be ordered from Nature of the Northwest:  http://www.naturenw.org/cgi-bin/quikstore.cgi .

I see several advantages of these maps compared to the PCT guidebook maps ... (1) Maps are contiguous, (2) they are in color, (3) several miles on each side of the trail are covered, (4) they have lat/lon tics & (5) they are significantly lighter in weight (12.5 oz total wt -vs- 20.5 oz for the OR/WA guidebook).

We are toying with the idea of carrying these maps and NOT the guidebook.

Any words of wisdom on this topic?  Anyone familiar with these maps and can compare/contrast with the guidebook over these states?  (Unfortunately, they are not available for the CA portion of the PCT).


Vancouver, Canada

PS - We ordered the Tom Harrison JMT map-pack, based on the recommendations from this post.  What beautiful maps!  Nice 8x10 layout.  Waterproof plastic paper.  Both lat/lon & UTM tics.  These will get us over the High Sierra and will be the only maps we use in CA (other than the guidebook).  They ain't cheap $18.95US ... but we thought it was worth it for the High Sierra portion.

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