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[pct-l] misc tips

Just thought I'd like to share a few of the tips I found useful on my AT

Most, if not, all POs will accept debit cards and will give you cash
back. This can be very useful for those spread-out touns when you don't
want to log extra miles looking for an ATM.

There's a wonderful long-distance service that works essentially like a
calling card. www.bigzoo.com worked very well for me. Basically, you
charge the amount you desire on a credit card. You can use either a
toll-free 888 access number or a local access number with your assigned
pin. I've used the 888 number from almost all pay phones. Unfortunately
occassionally some pay phones will not accept calls. This only happened
to me twice over the entire AT. The cost is 3.9 cents/minute. Some
payphones will charge an additional 50 cents access fee. I still found
it very convenient not having to mess with coins. Also my home support
person could easily recharge the account.

For quick and easy breakfasts, I found pre-packaged cereal with powdered
milk in sealed sandwich bags worked very well. Just add filtered water,
eat right out of the bag and you're on your way.

Hope this is useful to some of you. BTW, I'd love to hear some of your
useful tips also.

Lady Leaper GA-ME 2000


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