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[pct-l] Class of '02


Saw SnoLeopard's message on the pctl.digest and feel compelled to send =
warm greetings to all!  Please tell all of your 2002 hiker friends about =
our hiker heaven rest stop in Agua Dulce.  Let them know that we hold =
packages, provide shelter, transportation to resupply, and just all =
around hiker support 24/7.  We're in this year's town guide update =
(yea!).  NOTE -- for those of you with older versions of the town guide, =
the local post office and grocery store are closed; we can help you gain =
access to all services. Century 21 Palmieri also holds packages.  Our =
local mail carriers know about PCT mail traffic, so no matter where =
you've addressed your package (i.e., Agua Dulce PO), it generally winds =
up here since most hikers also wind up here.  Somehow it all works.

We're starting to get very exciting about meeting the Class of '02, with =
friends new and old.  We plan to be at the ADZPCTKO.  If anyone needs =
more information, we can be contacted by any of the following:

Jeff & Donna Saufley
11861 Darling Road, Agua Dulce, CA 91350
(Home)     661.268.1235
(Cell)    661.810.5777
www.hikerheaven.com  (way out of date but still moderately relevant!).

Thanks for helping to get the word out. I'm getting the guest house =
ready this week in preparation for hiking season.  Can't wait until it's =
full of weary, resting, happy travelers swapping tales from the trail.  =
The patio furniture desperately cries out for needy occupants.  The dogs =
are already dreaming that your pizza will fall on the floor.  Laundry =
miracles are about to happen. Can't wait for it to get started!  Good =
luck in all your preparations.  May angels watch over your safe passage, =
and your journey be filled with many wonders.

-=3DThe Saufley's=3D-

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