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[pct-l] Real World Boil times

 While many water boiling test by companies take place in a sound proof 
vacuum chamber  with 1 quart of 70 degree bath water, real world test seldom  
achieve those 3 and one half minute results.  I got off a bit early today and 
did some of my own " Scientific" test with several stoves using only a pint 
of water on a cool rainy windy day. My old faithfull Optimus 111 took 5 
minutes and 20 seconds to boil a whispy pint of very cold tap water in a open 
pot. The Svea 123 did 7min and 20sec. Optimus 8R was 8 min and 35sec. and 
alcohol burner with no windscreen  was 12 min. and 40 sec. ( Stove weights 
were 58oz on the 111, 18oz. on the SVEA , 23 ozs. for the 8R and  1.7 ozs. 
for the Alcohol with pot stand. SOOOOOOO, unless your a caffeine addict and 
can't wait 5 minutes  more for your morning fix of Java, a thru-hiker should 
go the alcohol route.  Special Note: Once you get to Washington and your not 
in a hurry to finish, maybe take a small canister stove and have an extra cup 
of cocoa on those cold mornings. ( As Lucky and Fallingwater used in 2000 
thru Washington)