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[pct-l] Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Make that innovation, improvement, cost cutting, time savings!!

Announcing the newest improvement in alcohol stoves - The Hanson Stove!

Half the cost of the standard soda can stove!
Takes 1/3 less time to manufacture!
Environmentally friendly - no wasted material!
Burns longer!
Saves lives, fights breast cancer!
Has my name on the stove!

See this amazing new stove at the upcoming 4th annual ADZPCTKO April
27th, 2002.

Special discount pricing for a limited number of 2002 PCT thru-hikers.
Licensed manufacturing/distributorships available.

Vic Hanson
President, The Hanson Stove Company

*The above claims are based on manufacture's information, has not yet
been verified by an independent testing organization. Your time and
mileage may vary.

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