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[pct-l] Pre ADZ for Pac Northwesterners

I fired off an e-mail to a somewhat exclusive list of people who live in =
the Pacific Northwest who I believe are planning PCT thruhikes this =
year. I have discussed the idea with a couple of folks here in the =
Portland area about having a get-together towards the end of March.

This is a chance for us to get to know each other before we all hit the =
trail. Basically it's more of a support group than anything else. If you =
are interested in attending this by all means let me know. You don't =
have to be from the Pacific Northwest, you just have to be willing to =
come here for it.

I arbitrarily chose Saturday March 23. Definitely flexible according to =
consensus. If you want to come or can think of someone who might, you =
know how to reach me.

Happy Trails

Lee Rossman
Portland, OR


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