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[pct-l] Hello, new to the list

I went with an organized trek to Nepal in 1988. When that was finished I hired one of the Sherpas
from that trek and organized my own trek. And I have been back three times since then. You can
stay in 'lodges' along the trail. You get a plywood bedframe with 1 inch mat, you bring your
sleeping bag. Cost is pennies per night, the lodge you sleep at likes you to eat there. I have
always gone with a Sherpa guide, but that is not necessary.  You can also hire porters, but since
we are in the lightweight crowd here I don't think there is much need for a porter. 

If you go of the beaten path you can bring a tent. Any equipment you need can be rented in

Organized treks tend to not go very far because they cant go faster than the porters. You also
tend to get isolated from the locals by being in a large group.

On the pct-l I have seen some discussion about people carrying heavy things on hikes. In Nepal for
the organized treks one porter will carry a basket on his back with tump line that goes over his
forehead. Into the basket will go the packs of 3 or 4 trekkers. 

On the Annapurna circuit saw one porter carry 5 cases of Coke. Then you see them carrying large
pieces of lumber. Very heavy things. Shoes on porters are mostly neglegible, such as flip flops or
nothing or worn chinese tennis shoes. 

--- Tom Hopkins <java2@ix.netcom.com> wrote:
> Frank- I saw your email on pct-l. I am planning to go to Nepal next year...basecamp if possible.
> What
> was it like? Who did you do it through? REI has a trip, it looks like I would be in it for
> around
> $5,000 bare minimum.
> Tom in Sacremento Ca
> Frank Kroger wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I have trekked in Nepal: Everest Base camp, Annapurna Circuit, Kanchenjunga BC and Makalu B.C.
> > I am a Netherlander,(Doeg! Nl'ers) lived in Seattle between 1980 and 2000 and am now living in
> > Berkeley.
> >
> > Last fall I came out to meet Bill Davies, through hiker, in Washington, and I ended up hiking
> 125
> > miles of the PCT, ending at Stehekin. Now I want to do the whole PCT this year. I want to know
> > more about the best time to start: "Late enough to avoid the snow and early enough to avoid
> the
> > bears." When is that? I would really like to get done in time to make it to Burning Man at the
> end
> > of August.......
> > What is the gathering in Campo that is about to take place, when?
> >
> > Frank
> >
> > Talk about Chlorine: see http://www.eclearwater.com/ChlorineandYourShower.htm
> > "Chlorine is used almost universally in the treatment of public drinking water because of its
> > toxic effect on harmful bacteria and other waterborne, disease-causing organisms. But there is
> a
> > growing body of scientific evidence that shows that chlorine in drinking water may actually
> pose
> > greater long term dangers than those for which it was used to eliminate. These effects of
> chlorine
> > may result form either ingestion or absorption through the skin. Scientific studies have
> linked
> > chlorine and chlorination by-products to cancer of the bladder, liver, stomach, rectum, and
> colon,
> > as well as heart disease, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), anemia, high blood
> > pressure, and allergic reactions. There is also evidence that shows that chlorine can destroy
> > protein in our body and cause adverse effects on skin and hair.
> >
> > The presence of chlorine in water may also contribute to the formation of chloramines in the
> > water, which can cause taste and odor problems."
> > Since chlorine is required by public health regulation to be represent in all public drinking
> > water supplies, it is up to the individual to remove it at the point-of-use in the home.
> >
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