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[pct-l] Fuel for two??

 Hi Tokio John, While I strongly advise alcohol/ebit stoves for thru-hikers, 
I would opt. for better flame on a 2 week jaught on the JMT while cooking for 
two. Reynold's favorite( Canister stoves) might be the perfect niche for this 
trip. They are light and put out decent heat, plus you aren't dealing with 
hunting down  extra canisters in a resupply trail towns. If you go alittle 
earlier, white gas stoves would be great , but their extra weight isn't 
needed for most summer trips. Zip Stoves?? Naaaw, you may not want to be " 
Fetching" spongy pinecones and sticks to cook with after a long day. ( Let 
that wood return to the soil  as nutrients are needed up high, that's why 
most places ban fires higher up) No one likes to set up their tent where 
someone flipped out their Zip Stove ashes. ( Try a MSR pocket rocket or 
snowpeak)  Enjoy your hike and have that extra cup of tea at sunset!!!!!