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[pct-l] First dinner

Thanks again Tin Can Stove Man, I just had my first dinner on the stove
that I received yesterday. I got my pot support made from the expanded
metal mesh, it and the stove weigh 1 1/4 oz. I put 3 cups of water in a 1
quart stainless pot, used the heat shield that came with the cook set
(doesn't have a name on it, got it on sale years ago), set it on my
hearth and fired it up. I didn't measure the methanol but filled the
stove to about 1/2" from the top. It took about 8 min. to get tap water
(68 deg.) bubbling, 9 1/2 min. for a rolling boil with the macaroni, and
cooked it for 5 min. (almost done). By the time I had drained it and
added the milk, margarine and cheese powder (regular box mix) and started
to stir, the stove ran out of fuel, about 16 min. total. The air temp.
was 66 deg., it was inside so there wasn't and wind. The top 1/2 inch of
the pot support glowed red but didn't seem to hurt it any. I see
Rainmaker says on his web site that 3 oz. of fuel will burn for 17 min.
so I must have been a bit shy of that. The mac and cheese was perfect. In
cold weather you would want the full 3 oz. to make sure there is enough
heat to last through the stirring process. I think I will spray paint the
bottom of the pan and see if that cuts down on the time to boil the

I will have to get my simmer attachment made so I can try some of
Brawny's baking recipes!

Happy hiking (and cooking)


PS  I got some new heavier chain today, need to get my shoe chains
perfected before ADZ!