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[pct-l] the Tin Can Stove Man Responds

CMountainDave writes: Where for art thou Tin Can Stove Man to set these 
infidels onto a lighter way. Was his work in vain?

No way!  The Tin Can Stove Man is right where he has always been, tirelessly 
crafting his soda-can concoctions and sending them thru the mail to hikers 
near and far.  During the last two months, he has sent more than twice as 
many stoves to upcoming thru-hikers of the PCT, AT, and CDT than he did last 
year, and is now turning to his considerable list of non thru-hikers, many 
of whom have been waiting for more than a month for their stoves.  The 
vision of the Amazing Tin Can Stove burns brighter than a gas-line 
antifreeze-fired conflaguration in a crisp high sierra night!!!!!!!!   Long 
live the alcohol-burning multitudes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Up, up, and aflame!!!!!
Tin Can Stove Man

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