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[pct-l] Mohave vs. Tehachapi

> Class of '02, be aware that Etna is a long way off the trail and might be
> hard hitch unless you've made prior arrangements.  It's also one of the
> longest hikes on the PCT from Dunsmuir to Seiad Valley.  HYOH.  You make
> choice.  I chose to skip Etna in '99.

Bullfrog and Kubiak '00 called a motel in Etna from Castella and arranged a
pickup to Etna from the pass. The connection worked perfectly and somebody
from the motel somehow picked up their resupply packages from the PO and had
them waiting at the motel. It seemed like a hiker friendly town. But we
didn't see anyone itravelling in either direction as we slowly walked across
the highway.

I chose Tehachapi (in '97) because I liked the town and knew of a FINE
Mexican restaurant that I wanted to revisit.  We knew where the post office
was and chose a nearby motel.  No problem.

Don't forget that the PO has moved.

Gotta Walk,
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