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[pct-l] Pump Mania!

 Weathercarrot's pump is a rare case. If your pump was metal , you could 
espect another 13,000 miles of use. In the old days, folks with their 1950's 
Svea's would use their stove for forty years and die before the Brass jewel 
was handed to a younger family member  and cook a life time for. ( I wished 
they made a Plastic Svea in the 50's to compare with) Weathercarrot is a A#1 
hiker in my book and his MSR has for sure seen the 13,000 miles. Maybe he was 
lucky, but many MSR  pumps do fail and are weaker than other stove pumps.  
MSR themelves were asked if their Dragonfly was a good stove for Denali. 
Their answer was NO!!! They say stick to the XKG and most prudent climbers 
opt for a second backup pump.