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[pct-l] Stoves ONE more time only

Monte writes:

"Few plastic pumps last 25 years unless they sit in a storage room most 
their life and get used just a few times a year. They simple aren't up to 
day to day hard use. MSR stove are fine , but the pumps are not up to 'MY  
STANDARDS". Maybe someone else is perfectly
happy with stove. If you have any type of  0-ring fire , your pump will most 
likely be junk. There is no way a plastic MSR pump is as good as a  Metal 
pump. Let me stomp your MSR pump and you can stomp mine and see who's stove 
still works!!!"

Here's an interesting anomaly: My MSR plastic pump dates back to late 1990. 
Now, nearly 13,000 miles and perhaps 900-1000 uses later, it's still in 
great shape and is one of the few pieces of gear remaining from the original 
thru-hike. This is certainly unusual, as I have never heard of another one 
lasting as long, and I'm constantly seeing others fall apart. Don't know why 
this is the case; I don't do anything out of the ordinary to take care of 
it....but I'm still switching to alcohol....


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