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[pct-l] Whatevee happened to --

One of them is still alive and kicking (and making stoves)!! I just
received my brand new soda can stove from the Tin Can Stove Man today.
Tried it out on the fireplace hearth (I've had my bottle of gas line
antifreeze sitting here for months since I decided to make one - Drygas
brand at Pep Boys for $.40), it worked great! Thanks TCSM!! How many did
you make in the last few months? I was going to make a pot support from a
piece of expanded metal (used for drywall or plastering I think) but
couldn't find side cutters to cut it. Found 4 needle nose pliers though.
Too busy hiking to clean out and organize my garage.

Being the frugal type and of the "I could make that cheaper" mind set, I
am always looking for low cost or simple ways to make or use something
unusual to take the place of expensive "name brand" gear. I was in Smart
and Final the other day and saw thin flexible plastic cutting "boards"
(sheets really), 12"x18" inches, weighs less than 4 oz. Thought it would
make a good cutting board to take hiking if cut in half. Then it dawned
on me that the whole piece might make a good frame for a homemade
backpack. It would curve around the back, keep stuff from poking you in
the back and make a good support to give the pack some shape and rigidity
(I don't use a Z rest, I need something inflatable). It could be pulled
out at camp to use as a food prep surface (no I'm not a thru hiker,
haven't reached ultralite yet either).

Has anyone ever used the cans of fuel that are used for keeping food warm
in a buffet line? Sam's club has them in a 12 pack for about a buck each
(I think, can't find my notes now), they are supposed to burn for 6 hours
and weigh about 12 oz each. They can be snuffed out and reused. Not sure
if the fuel is a liquid or gel. Too heavy for ultralite but might be
handy if you are spending a few nights in one place. I'm sure Rainmaker
could make a simmer attachment!

Note: For Sale   1 Coleman Peak feather dual fuel stove  (it simmers).

Can't wait for ADZ