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[pct-l] Weird stuff to carry

I ended up arriving in Manning Park with 11 baseball caps accumulated
during my hike. Almost 3 lbs worth!

By the time I got to Idyllwild I realized a few things:

1) I was going to make much better time than anticipated
2) Who knows when I 'll get to the west coast again? Screw the budget!
3) There are a lot of baseball teams on the west coast

So I started going to games and buying hats. Never dreamed I'd end up
with so many or I probably wouldn't have pledged to carry them all.

For what it's worth I enjoyed our national pastime in San Bernardino,
LA, Lancaster, San Francisco, Sacramento, Eugene, Salem, Portland
(twice), Everett, Yakima, and Seattle. With a little more planning I
probably could have worked in 6 more.

I think I may need to look into what's accessible from the AT next.



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