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[pct-l] Stoves ONE more time only

 First, I advise all thru-hikers to try Alcohol stoves to cook with and pack 
a few esbit for backup for their thru-hike. Roy Robinson is quite correct. ( 
And it's fun to make your own stove and cheaper too!!)  My MSR is the only 
stove I have ever had a failure with. Few plastic pumps last 25 years unless 
they sit in a storage room most their life and get used just a few times a 
year. They simple aren't up to day to day hard use. MSR stove are fine , but 
the pumps are not up to 'MY  STANDARDS". Maybe someone else is perfectly 
happy with stove. If you have any type of  0-ring fire , your pump will most 
likely be junk. There is no way a plastic MSR pump is as good as a  Metal 
pump. Let me stomp your MSR pump and you can stomp mine and see who's stove 
still works!!! I would be happy to do this at the kick-off!! Winner takes 
all!!  Optimus Nova is the Top multi-fuel stove now days hands down and will 
out simmer any MSR multi-fuel ever made. Even last years Primus ( which can 
be had for around 60 dollars is a better stove) Whisperlights are still a 
good value for the weekend hiker who sometimes goes out for a week or two, 
but isn't up to hard use others can handle. I used an Optimus 8R in 1977 
which I still have and use and never had any trouble with even on an unleaded 
diet. ( It isn't the hotter stove or lightest but reliable, which is more 
than I can say about MSRs) Maximum Service Revenue or MSR. 20 feet off a 
house is Nothing. Plastic handle verses metal handle! Humm??? Which is 
stronger. Maybe that is why they sell extra pumps by the case at most Outdoor 
stores!!!  Whisperlight is a weekend wonder rookie stove for yippy Generation 
Xers who don't know any different!!!! Mad Monte