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[pct-l] REAL Stove Wars

>Has Monte met his match? Maybe their should be dueling stoves at ADZ kickoff.
>Sure the problems he site are operator error, but that's his point. Murphy's
>law should be known by all engineers and as many potential problems
>eliminated in advance.

Never challenge engineers to a dueling cooking contest!

Read Dave Barry's article at 
and see photos at http://ghg.ecn.purdue.edu/~ghg/

They may not be lightweight in their thinking, but these guys truly 
think out of the box.

"....in the world of competitive charcoal-lighting, "pretty good" 
does not cut the mustard. Thus, Goble hit upon the idea of using -- 
get ready -- liquid oxygen. This is the form of oxygen used in rocket 
engines; it's 295 degrees below zero and 600 times as dense as 
regular oxygen. In terms of releasing energy, pouring liquid oxygen 
on charcoal is the equivalent of throwing a live squirrel into a room 
containing 50 million Labrador retrievers....."
-D Barry